Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Big Accomplishments

Well, we have 3 newsworthy items to report this week!

Sean got some good news last week..........he has an interview with Exxon finally! He is hoping to get the job. The interview is in a couple of weeks and we are praying it all works out for him. If he doesn't get hired, he'll get his wrist operated on again because it didn't heal properly from the last surgery. If he does get hired, he'll get his wrist surgery in a year (when he has some vacation and sick time saved up). He sounds really happy.

Brendan rode his bike without training wheels last night - YEA!!!!!!!!!!! We've been working on that one for a few years (yes, literally). He finally decided he was going to just do it all by himself, so he began practicing on the driveway on his old bike (smaller than his new bike). He came in last night and said, "I rode my bike and pedaled 10 times without tipping over!". We ran out to watch him and, sure enough, he was cruising on the driveway - and even made turns without losing his balance. Then he said, "Are you so proud of me?". Yes, we were soooooooooo proud of him.

Marc called yesterday to tell us that he had been offered a guide position on Kodiak Island next fall. It is with the same company he works for in the summer, he would just extend his time up there until the middle - end of October. Unfortunately, this would mean he would miss fall semester at school. He has 3-3/4 semesters left to graduate. He is still pondering the opportunity and will make a decision shortly. We are so happy that his bosses enjoy his company enough to extend this invitation to him. He is great with their guests and a hard worker. We'll let you know what he decides.

Katie doesn't have anything special to report - but she is doing well, too. She is just as wild as ever - and so stinkin' cute! She went to a rodeo on Saturday (one of Marti's friends traveled to Ft. Collins to work at the rodeo over the weekend so we had to go to there to see him). She LOVED the horses and bulls. She loves her Little Ponies and refers to them as "Po's". Well, she loves horses and, unfortunately, refers to them as "Ho's". She kept saying "Ho - I ride, peeeeeaaase". When you ask her what a horse says, she says, "Mooooooooooo". We have a little work to do with her yet ;o)

Tom travels to California on Thursday for business. He will be back Saturday and we'll stay Saturday night in Denver because Brendan and Katie's Godparents will be visiting from Detroit! We are all looking forward to seeing them again. They are bringing their daughter for an interview for Grad School.

Everything else is quiet here. Nothing exciting with me - just the same old, same old. I spoke with my friend, Dan, on Sunday and he thought I was still working full-time (sometimes I WISH I was). When I explained that I didn't, he said, "Oh, so you're a retired housewife". Uh, yah, that's what I am..........................


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