Thursday, November 02, 2006

"I Do All My Own Stunts"

The title of this post is also the slogan on a t-shirt I found for Katie. I didn't buy it, but am planning on going and picking it up this week for her. Why? Because I just spent the morning in the Emergency Room with her today because she was climbing (once again) and hit her mouth (once again) and needed to get 5 stitches in her little lip. Her cute little "Osmond Smile" is a little crooked now and her lip is swollen and bruised. I had the pleasure of holding her down while they stitched her up (by the time Tom arrived from Ft. Collins, they were just tying off the last stitch). No fun - for any of us.......... I will, however, post pics of her sweet little face. The doctor doesn't think it'll leave much scarring.

Brendan is doing well. I was supposed to go to PT conferences this morning with his teacher, but Katie fell while I was getting ready so I had to cancel. He seems to be doing well in school though. He had a great time on Halloween - he was Superman this year. We went "Trunk or Treating" with my MOPS group on 10/28. He was thrilled that he got so much candy without having to walk very far! Plus, on Halloween, all of our neighbors have special treats for the kids. Sometimes, living in our "retirement community" has it's benefits! One couple gave each of the kids a 1-lb. bag of M&M's!

Katie was a princess this year. She looked so cute. She didn't quite understand it all - but she loved the candy! Her favorite candy bar is now Kit Kat. She walks around the house asking for Kat Kats every day. She doesn't have a huge vocabulary - but she knows the important words (Kat Kat, Mom-Mom, Dada, juice, etc).

Well, hopefully I'll get pics uploaded so you can see them soon. I'll post photos from Halloween, Denver, stitches, etc. So, keep checking back!

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