Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Fall!!!!

Well, our "little head cold" turned into a full-blown respiratory virus that lasted for a month. Katie had to make 3 trips to the doctor's office in Ft. Collins because she was so sick. To add to the joy, Katie is also cutting FOUR MORE TEETH! I cannot believe it. She looks like an Osmond, I swear. I've never seen a baby with so many teeth........ Hopefully she will be herself soon.

Brendan is feeling much improved this week. He is enjoying school and is doing quite well. He hasn't decided if he likes school lunch or not yet, but I think he is adjusting to being gone all day.

Marc decided to get a puppy. Now, keep in mind that he lives in an apartment, is gone all summer working in Alaska, and attends school during the day. What kind of dog did he get? A St. Bernard!!!!! I still can't figure that one out. Other than that, Marc is Marc. He got a great job at the university. He works in a lab doing fish research of some sort. He seems to enjoy it so far.

Sean is doing great in Ogden at Weber. He sounds happier than he has in a couple of years. I think he is getting back to his "old self" again after everything. He is selling Cutco knives for a job and really likes it. I was surprised by his choice of jobs, but he seems happy. So, if you want a knife demo, give him a call and he can hook you up! ;o)

Tom celebrated a birthday yesterday, sort of. He didn't get home for dinner and his party until 8:00 last night. The kids waited patiently (well, almost patiently). Work is good - just a lot going on at the moment. He played golf on Saturday, but the weather is changing quickly and it doesn't look like he'll get much more golf in this year.

We are going to spend a long weekend in Denver this weekend. We were going to go on a vacation this year, but decided that Katie would be an unpleasant traveling companion right now so we are spending 4 days in Denver just hanging out together. Brendan is excited to swim at the hotel. I think we are going to visit the zoo (of course), the aquarium, the Museum of Nature and Science (they have an awesome engineering exhibit right now), and Invesco Field at Mile High. I also want to go to Hammond's Candy Factory so Brendan can watch them make hand-made candy canes. Hopefully we can fit it all in. It will be nice to have some time together - we don't get much of that these days.

I'll post more after the trip - and hopefully get around to posting some pictures again.

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