Saturday, September 09, 2006

School Days

Brendan started school again last week. He is adjusting to First Grade (and the all-day schedule) quite well. He is even learning to be a "morning person" like his mom. He has a wondeful teacher and was happy that some of his friends from Kindergarten are in his class again this year. And to celebrate the beginning of school, Brendan brought home the first cold of the year already. We've all had it now (I was the last one to come down with it) and hopefully we'll be healthy for a while now.

Katie and I are adjusting to the all-day schedule, too. Her favorite time of the day is when we walk to the school to pick Brendan up at the end of the day. She loves seeing the children - and usually has a big hug waiting for Brendan when he comes out of his classroom. I thought I would hate having him gone all day, but I have found that it is much easier to get things done with only one child with me. Shopping trips are much faster now - and much less expensive :D

Marc is home from Alaska again - thank heavens. I always worry so much when he is up there. Even though he isn't here in Cheyenne with us, it is just nice to have him back in our time zone. He had a great summer and really enjoyed his job again. Kandyse and her mom took some pictures of him when he got back (I'll post later). He hadn't shaved all summer and looks like Abe Lincoln - only with a red beard.

Speaking of Kandyse, she and Marc came to see us Labor Day weekend for her birthday (she turned 21). We had a super time. They spent a couple of days in Denver, then came back here until Tuesday. Marc looks really good and is very happy. He has a hard schedule at school this semester so he will be working hard to keep up.

On another positive note, Sean is attending college this year!!!! He enrolled at Weber State in Ogden, UT. Shalie is going to school there so he decided to join her. He is going to be majoring in Psychology (for now - we know how quickly those majors can get changed). He is living with his Grandma Judy and really likes his scedule this semester. He sounds happy and like he is adjusting to everything well.

I can't forget little Katie.... She attended her first MOPS meeting on Wednesday and absolutely loved it. She didn't cry when I left her in the classroom and was still happy and playing when I returned. I was so proud of her. She finally has all of her molars now - and is currently working on her 4 bicuspids. It was a long summer with her teething - lots of sleepless nights for all of us. Hopefully we are done with teeth for a while after we get these last four.

I'll post pics within the next few days!

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