Monday, July 17, 2006

Catching up on life..........

The past few weeks have been hectic. Katie is teething - cutting 4 (count them, FOUR) molars. Two are through and two are still trying to make their appearance. Life has been difficult for all of us, but especially for my sweet baby doll. I've been doing nothing but holding her - which means not much cleaning, scrapbooking, or catching up on my blog.

We went to my 20-Year High School Reunion this past weekend. I had been somewhat apprehensive about attending, but it actually was really quite wonderful. There are 13 of us, 8 guys and 5 gals. We counted, and just between the 5 girls, we have 21 children! Talk about populating the world. Rich High's Class of 1986 are doing our part.

We had a nice dinner on Friday night. Only ten of us showed up (plus spouses). We were missing some, and they were, indeed, missed. Saturday was spent at the lake and the swimming pools at Ideal Beach Resort with our families. Brendan had so much fun that he wants to move to Utah now. Katie enjoyed playing with so many children. The drive to and from Utah wasn't too fun, but we all survived it.

We had a great time with Steve & Kim (we stayed at her parents' home) and Wally & Kelly. Good friends, good conversation, good times..... Kim's parents are amazing. Totally devoted to their family; extremely interesting to talk with; and the best hosts we could have imagined. We are blessed to have met them.

Sean and Shalie kept the two little ones for us Friday night. We were an hour late returning home - and boy, did we ever hear about it! Believe me, it is quite an experience to have your son scold you for being late.

Sean came to the picnic at the lake for a while on Saturday, but he wasn't feeling well so he went home to bed. He has a wicked sinus infection or something.

The boys' father came on Saturday, which might have been awkward for some people, but we've all found a way to get along quite well so it wasn't too bad for us. He actually made it a point to tell everyone how great Tom is and how good he has been to Sean and Marc. Tom was touched by his gesture, and I was thankful to have such a great guy - one that even an ex-husband can love :D

We will be having guests this weekend for Frontier Days: Marc's girlfriend, Kandyse. She is bringing 3 friends with her. We are looking forward to having her here and to having the chance to know her better. She is a sweet girl and is very good to Marc.

I will post pics later. I need to download them from the camera. I hope to get to it this week. Take care!!! Blessings to you!!!!!!!

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