Thursday, July 27, 2006

Adventures with Katie & Company

I never realized that baby girls could be SO MUCH MORE rambunctious than boys, but they are. Well, at least mine is.

This morning, while I was taking a shower, she climbed up ONTO the dining room table. I got out of the shower, got her down, then went to dress and she did it AGAIN. I've had to pull the chairs away from the table in order to keep her on the ground.

Last night she jumped into the wading pool............fully clothed (including $30 leather sandals). Tom was just getting ready to empty it and put it away for the night when he heard her splash.

Have you ever heard the Faith Hill song that goes, "She's a wild one with an angels face". Well, that it totally Katie. She can be the sweetest, most loving baby one minute - then she is off wreaking havoc the next.

In other news, Frontier Days is once again upon us. I hate Frontier Days. I know that sounds negative, but I just do. Thousands of people from all over the world (literally) descend upon Cheyenne. And most of them are bad drivers. I almost got taken out by a mom from Colorado driving an SUV. She decided she wanted my lane, but didn't bother to signal or to wait until I went by her first.

On a more positive note, Tom and Brendan enjoyed the Thunderbirds Air Show yesterday. Tom, as usual, ended up talking to a fascinating person at the show. He always lucks into these conversations - no matter where we happen to be. This particular gentleman was from The Netherlands and was leading a tour group to a variety of air shows in America. The man had designed the F-16s at some point, and spent a majority of the show explaining to Tom how they work. Needless to say, they had a great time.

We also attended the parade last Saturday. Marc's girlfriend, Kandyse, came to visit us and brought two of her friends. We haven't had that much energy in our home, well, ever. They were wonderful and we enjoyed having them here. Anyway, the girls wanted to go to the Parade and a rodeo while they were in town. We found a nice spot on Cary Avenue right next to the County Building. The girls were having such a great time that I think THEY had more of an audience than the actual parade did. The parade participants were even talking to them and asking where they were from. Tom and I just stepped back and sat in the only shady spot - under a little 8 ft. tree. It was definitely a fun weekend.

The City is replacing our water line this week. We had no water all day on Tuesday and we've been awakened by heavy equipment all week long. They are almost past our house so things should quiet down a little bit soon. I don't think I've ever seen my house this dusty - it is just everywhere! But, on the bright side, at least I have an excuse this week :D

Well, Katie just woke up from her nap - apparently she has recharged. Until next time...............

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