Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today is Brendan's last day of school. I am so happy that summer is here finally. Golf lessons start tomorrow in Ft. Collins. Yes, I have to drive him to Ft. Collins for lessons because the courses here in Cheyenne won't let kids on until they are 8 years old! I think that is so ridiculous. He loves it, so I guess it's worth it ;o) . He has three baseball games this week, too. Summer used to be a quiet and RELAXING time - not anymore. I will also post pics of his Kindergarten Graduation which was held on Friday!

Marc leaves for Alaska on Thursday. He is excited, but stressing. He has so much to get done before he leaves. He won't be back until September. One of his best friends will be working up there with him this year. He was pretty happy about that.

Sean has applied to Weber State University. I guess he is planning on attending college this year. Hopefully it works out for him this time. I think he has more incentive this year - Shalie is going to be attending Weber.

Katie is Katie.....cute, sweet, sassy, moody, etc. All the fun "girlie" attributes! She has her 15 month appointment next week so I'll get an update on her weight. She is still barely wearing 12 month sized clothing. She is going to be one petite little girl.

Planning for my 20-yr. reunion is in full-swing! I think we are going to have a pretty good turn-out. When there are only a few of you, it is very noticeable when there are people missing.

I've been looking on-line at houses in Ft. Collins today. I don't know that we'll move anytime soon, but it is fun to look. If we did, we'd probaby rent for a year or so and see if the market slows down there a little bit. Tom keeps hearing that the housing bubble is going to pop soon (within a few years) - and prices will drop.

I'll keep you posted!

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