Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just one of "those" days...............

Have you ever read the childrens' book "No, David!"? If not, pick it up next time you are at the store and take a look at it - very cute book! Well yesterday was a "No, Katie!" kind of day. Actually, it was a "KATELYN MARIE COBB, WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!" kind of day. By 10:00 am I was in desperate need of some wine, valium, or a lobotomy (or a combination of all three). I think she has hit the Terrible Twos a little early. She accomplished the following between 8:00 and 10:00 am:
  1. Dumped a box of dinosaur-shaped ritz crackers on the family room floor (Brendan left them there). Luckily there weren't too many left in the box - then she ate them. I know, I'm a horrible mother and she'll probably get some disease from that.
  2. Reached up onto her high-chair tray and pulled her plate of french toast onto the floor. She succeeded in dumping french toast and syrup all over the kitchen and she nearly broke the plate.
  3. Spilled a large glass of water (I keep one on my bedside table at night) all over a stack of scrapbooking idea books next to my bed - I won't even BEGIN to add up how much $ was involved in that little incident. I was able to salvage most of them, luckily.
  4. Grabbed my make up bag off the counter (as I was trying to put on my make-up) and spilled the entire contents on the bathroom floor - and broke several cases and eyeshadows in the process.
  5. After all of this, she refused to take more than a one-hour nap that afternoon.

I was looking forward to Tom coming home and taking over for me - but, alas, no luck there! He had to go mow his mother's yard, which took three hours. Some days I just really miss my full-time job. Not really. Well, a little. Actually, sometimes I miss it a lot. I know it is a blessing that I am able to stay home to raise my children, but it isn't as easy as it sounds.

Enough complaining.

We always spend Memorial Weekend planting flowers at the cemetery for all of Tom's family. There are several graves and somehow it has become our (well, his) job to take care of this task every year. He enjoys doing it, but it sure ties up our weekend. It is usually a two-day process. He takes Brendan and tells Brendan about each person as they prepare the soil and plant the flowers. Next year, Katie will be old enough to help, too. She can almost walk now - maybe she can help this year ;o) .

Brendan had his first baseball game on Wednesday night. He had two great hits and scored both times (there were only two innings). Mike & Linda (Brendan and Katie's Godparents) got him a subscription to "Sports Illustrated for Kids" and he loves it - there are lots of baseball articles and pictures in it right now. His Kindergarten graduation is next Friday - then he has a busy summer ahead of him. He will be taking golf lessons, a Silly Science class at the college, CCD, baseball, tennis, and Vacation Bible School - but not all at once. Enough to keep him somewhat occupied, but not overwhelmed.

Katie will be hanging out with me. She is 14 mos. old now. She is walking between things right now and I'm sure she'll be running around here soon. She loves playing outside and going to the park. We had a picnic for dinner on Thursday night and she was fascinated with the geese (Brendan was feeding them bread so they were quite close to us). In spite of yesterday morning, she really is a good baby.

Well, that is all from our windy little corner of Wyoming..............

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