Monday, March 20, 2006

One Year Old

Well, Katie turned one last week - and she is finally "ours". Our health insurance finally paid the hospital for her birth - two days before her first birthday. I was beginning to worry that they would want to re-possess her or (even worse) try to put her back! But, I received the EOB in the mail today so I can officially stop worrying.

We had a fabulous party for her last night - complete with a very large cake. I spent 6 hours this weekend working on it (3 hours baking, and 3 hours decorating). It looked like a miniature wedding cake - a two-tiered pink confection with white flowers. My friend, Deb, helped me with it - she was a lifesaver! We were blessed to have some dear friends and our family attend the party. We served dinner (taco bar and our homemade version of chicken Chipotle Burritos) and, of course, lots of cake. I still have a ton of it left. I could probably save it for next year and still have plenty for that party, too.

Katie didn't cooperate very well for her First Birthday picture. She refused to get messy. She had her own little mini cake with pink rosettes on it - and she ate it so daintily that there was no mess on her face at all. I won't have any "fun, messy, frosting-covered baby" pictures to scrapbook, but that's ok. Hopefully she eats this tidily when she is 8.

During the party, we got hit with a massive snow storm so we had to cut the celebration short. We got close to a foot of snow between last night and this morning. Brendan enjoyed building a snowman in it (it was the first REALLY wet snow we've had in a long time). So, I have a little 3-ft. tall snowboy guarding my front door now.

Life is good. Until next time.........................


Emmy said...

Hi Marti!
That is so awesome, Katie's cake sounds gorgeous! Wow.
Too cute about your tidy little lady. :o)

Cat said...

Hi Marti!
I'm happy you shared your blog with us. We miss on the BBC board. Of course I know 1st hand how hard it is to keep up so it's good to know where we can go to get updateds on Katie and the family. It is funny about her being so neat and tidy. So different from DD who is such a tomboy! I'll keep checking in!
Love, Cat

Amy said...

Hi Aunt Marti!
I joined just so i could keep in touch with you cause we dont do that too much. I love Katie's cake it was yummy and very pretty! Well i have to go do some homework! love you Aunt Marti

MOM said...

Hi Honey,
I thought there was going to be pictures of the kids??I will save this in my favorite places.

Nancy said...

Marti - I am a little late in congratulating you on Katie's first year, but then again I am usually a day late and a dollar short. You sound so happy and that makes me so pleased. Katie sounds like a delightful little girl who will be just like her mom someday. Your artistic talents are amazing - I can barely frost a cake, yet alone decorate one. Thanks for the update and I look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marti!

What a beautiful cake! We still need to go to lunch. I got a new job and right now I go to lunch from noon to 1:00, but I also have every other friday off (so anytime on friday). Give me a call.