Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just the mundane details.....

Well, Brendan advanced to the RED group in swimming. He is pretty excited about it. He is hooked on watching Trading Spaces for Kids - and is now convinced that we need to "re-do" his room. He has also decided that he needs to move into Marc's old room downstairs (because it is much bigger).

Katie recovered from her shots just in time to catch a wicked head cold. She then proceded to share it with me. We've both been miserable this week, but are finally seeing some improvement.

I'll post next weekend after I get back from my scrapbooking trip!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Week 2

It is 2am and I woke up with heartburn - and I'm out of Tums!!!!!!!!! I hate when that happens. But, it gives me some quiet time (which I rarely get) and some time to update my blog.

Marc arrived home from Oregon late Monday night. He went to help a friend move and fell in love with the state. He now wants to live in Astoria after he graduates from college. Hopefully that will be soon. Maybe a couple of years. Three at the most. Well, eventually he'll get to live in Oregon!

Sean is currently helping his grandfather out at his ranch. Sean and Marc's uncle (who is Marc's age) went to Nebraska for a semester-long work study program so Sean is covering at the ranch for him. His cell phone doesn't work there (it is in a valley), so I don't get to talk to him as often - but it does cut down on his cell usage! He seems to be happy there though.

Brendan finds out this morning if he gets to move to the Red group in his swimming lessons. He is pretty excited. Red is his favorite color so he thinks that is THE group for him. We have noticed a huge improvement with his swimming and he is really enjoying it. He had a dentist appointment on Tuesday and was a member of the "No Cavity Club". He was pretty excited. The dentist asked if I realized there was a "space issue" with Brendan's mouth. Uh, yah - we saw that when he was born, it was pretty obvious.

Katie had shots on Wednesday so she has been very cranky - and not sleeping. But, she is growing a little bit, which is a good thing. She is up to 18 lbs. 5 oz. now! Not huge - but good for her. Her percentiles go like this: height 25%, weight 15%, head 65%. Hopefully this means she'll be super smart!!!!!!!!! She has to get her eyes checked out next month. Her right eye may be a little lazy, but they aren't sure - it could just be because her eyes are wide-set so it could just be making her eye APPEAR to be wandering inward (?!?!). I'll update you after her appointment at the end of April.

Tom has been working A LOT again. After Tuesday, things will settle back down again though - thank heavens. I feel like a single mother these days. He may take a few days off next week because it is Brendan's spring break. He is absolutely exhausted. The only conversation time we get is on the phone during his commute. The weather is supposed to be nice next week so maybe he can get in a little golf. The Masters is in two weeks so he is getting excited. He loves to watch that tournament.

I will be gone on a scrapbooking weekend next Friday-Sunday. I am looking forward to it - but dreading it at the same time. I've never left Katie and she is quite attached to me. It'll be a tough weekend for all of us. I'm not sure if I should even go - but I haven't had any time to myself in quite some time. Not that I need time away - I'm usually happy with an hour alone at Barnes & Noble/Starbucks. Two nights away may be more than I am ready for. I'm only going to Ft. Collins, but it just seems so far. I've asked Tom to bring the kids down and stay with Uncle Don so I can still see them at night, but he doesn't want to drag all of Katie's stuff down there. I'll let you know how it all goes..........

Monday, March 20, 2006

One Year Old

Well, Katie turned one last week - and she is finally "ours". Our health insurance finally paid the hospital for her birth - two days before her first birthday. I was beginning to worry that they would want to re-possess her or (even worse) try to put her back! But, I received the EOB in the mail today so I can officially stop worrying.

We had a fabulous party for her last night - complete with a very large cake. I spent 6 hours this weekend working on it (3 hours baking, and 3 hours decorating). It looked like a miniature wedding cake - a two-tiered pink confection with white flowers. My friend, Deb, helped me with it - she was a lifesaver! We were blessed to have some dear friends and our family attend the party. We served dinner (taco bar and our homemade version of chicken Chipotle Burritos) and, of course, lots of cake. I still have a ton of it left. I could probably save it for next year and still have plenty for that party, too.

Katie didn't cooperate very well for her First Birthday picture. She refused to get messy. She had her own little mini cake with pink rosettes on it - and she ate it so daintily that there was no mess on her face at all. I won't have any "fun, messy, frosting-covered baby" pictures to scrapbook, but that's ok. Hopefully she eats this tidily when she is 8.

During the party, we got hit with a massive snow storm so we had to cut the celebration short. We got close to a foot of snow between last night and this morning. Brendan enjoyed building a snowman in it (it was the first REALLY wet snow we've had in a long time). So, I have a little 3-ft. tall snowboy guarding my front door now.

Life is good. Until next time.........................